Nanak – What Does It Mean


Simple.  The father of my latest granddaughter sent a video for Nanna, and in my hurry to respond, I typed the word Nanak.  Son sent a photo text of granddaughter to me the next day using the word Nanak.  I think it stuck, and I like the word better than I would like to be called Nanna, or Grandma.  So Nanak it is.  Sounds like a word from Alaska, doesn’t it?


Easter 2016 Family Came to our Church


Easter – acknowledging and honoring the day. Two daughters made the day special – one daughter had her long awaited baptism. The other daughter shared her family and time with us. A blessing to attend Cathedral and the beautiful pageantry. And I dissolved in tears having my beautiful angel granddaughter, formerly an Acolyte in the Cathedral processional sitting with us. Beyond words was the power of the gifts our families gave us today.


St John Cathedral SpokaneSt John Cathedral b

Expectations – Grandparents then and now


Yes, I find myself caught up in a world of confusion when it comes to my role as grandparent.  I have 2 grown into adult granddaughters, and I had a stronger sense of what and how to be with them than I do now with the grandchildren who came after.  What changed I ask myself …  when did the rules about grandparenting change?  It was automatic and natural enough with the first two, not as natural with the following group of grandchildren.  Extenuating circumstances exist, I understand that, even so, I find myself more perplexed than appreciative of what changed and when it changed.

I’m searching for the ‘new rules’ in grandparenting .

Letting Go of Expectations    at GaGa Sisterhood shares with us some of those strange feelings as we practice letting go of expectations.

Maybe I am laboring under some older ideas about grandparenting.  I do have expectations based on when my children were growing up and relating to their grandmother.  Oops, there might be something not okay about that process, as I did teach them what I thought were existing values of respect for elders.  Sometimes though I am now coming to believe that our elders while respect for them continues to have merit, how that respect is demonstrated may have some new kinds of definitions.  In other words, elders need also to show respect for the younger set, the parents and their children, as a unique and viable unit that operate in their own environmental dictates.  Unless, of course, there is danger element for the children. Danger element can mean different things to different people, my social work years teach me about at-risk behaviors, when the child is at risk, safety is compromised.  Even so, it might be difficult to determine what would constitute danger for a child.  Playing in the front yard, with potential of running out into the street to chase down a ball and a vehicle on it’s way to somewhere hits the child….and yet, playing in the front yard is not a danger to the child.

Digress though, article is not intended to point out danger to child, rather to point out that parents today may have new definitions about their parenting, and therefore how they want their parents who are now grandparents to behave towards their child. I empathize, and will share some of the articles as I come across them in what I consider to be the new rules for grandparenting.  I think my son and his wife, who have recently had their first child, will teach me what I need to know as they are operating with parenting rules of today, of this generation, and my son, enamored with the concept of parenting, this being their first child, is quick to share how he intends to parent this child.  Which means for me that I can learn what I thought I knew in respecting their parenting role with the guidelines they are following in being all that they can be in their parenting role.